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Rotherham and Sheffield

James Fox


The ukulele is a small but mighty instrument.

I offer expert tuition to all ages and abilities through well-structured and dedicated ukulele lessons. My ukulele tuition will have you strumming, picking and singing along (only if you like to sing!) to some of your favourite music!

Ukulele tuition is open to all ages and abilities and Rockschool now have a ukulele syllabus, if you'd like to get your grades!

I have provided ukulele tuition in schools to groups of 30+ children as well as providing 1-1 ukulele lessons. This has given me a lot of experience with this mighty instrument.
Ukulele sound hole
Ukulele body
Varieties of ukulele

An Exciting Instrument

Some people see the Ukulele as a gateway instrument, perfect for young children to learn about music. But the ukulele has a vast amount of repertoire worthy of attention from already established musicians and is actually a highly versatile and adaptable musical instrument.

Taking ukulele lessons can be an exciting and rewarding experience with a range of possibilities including song writing and band or ensemble playing!

Many popular songs are easy to play on this versatile instrument, and great for smaller or younger children!