James Fox's Music Tuition

Rotherham and Sheffield

James Fox

Piano and Keyboard

I have studied piano for several years and deliver piano tuition to students from absolute beginner. I specialise my piano tuition for young children by making piano lessons fun and engaging.

If you’re having trouble with your contrary or similar motion, struggling to play soft or hard, or maybe you’re not quite sure about how to coordinate those pedals my time playing and composing for piano has given me a lot of experience.
Piano keys
Hands on piano
Inside a piano
Old piano
Keyboard and synthesiser
Piano and notation

Skills for the Modern Musician

It is often said that piano and keyboard skills are essential for any modern musician. My piano tuition takes the beginner and intermediate student through well-structured piano lessons, but I’m working hard to develop my skills so I can deliver piano lessons at much higher levels.

I am comfortable teaching any style and genre of music at the beginner and intermediate levels and do not force any students to take graded exams as I think taking piano lessons should be a really fun and rewarding experience for every student!