James Fox's Music Tuition

Rotherham and Sheffield

James Fox

Performance Skills

Performance skills is one of my core beliefs for all students. Through performance skills tuition you will improve your confidence, stage presence and build a high degree of technical ability on the instrument.

With a large range of experiences as both soloist and ensemble/band member I can offer tuition in many styles of musical performance, from the formal recital to the local open mic night.

I understand that different styles of music demand different performance skills. With a dedicated performance space in the same building your performance skills lessons can be practical, engaging and put into practice as soon as you feel ready!
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Dealing with Nerves and Jitters

I am very familiar with the demands of live performance and those awful pre-performance or exam grade nerves we musicians often experience. For many people feeling nervous is a natural part of performing music. Through performance skills tuition you will begin understand this nervous energy in order to deal with it for any level of performance, including open mic nights, big and small gigs and college or university recitals.

Safe and Familiar Performance Venue

I am thrilled that my main tuition studio in Rotherham town centre has a dedicated performance space! I am hopeful that we will be allowed use of this space as it will provide a safe and friendly environment for all students to show off their musical talents!