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Rotherham and Sheffield

James Fox

Theory of Music

As a composer I have a working knowledge of music theory. My music theory tuition covers musicianship skills such as notation, knowledge of a broad range of traditional instruments and how to write for those instruments, how to analyse and create effective melody and harmony and the history of Western music.

I studied music history and music theory at University as well as through private examinations (ABRSM) and have applied a lot of my knowledge to an academic journal article, published in 2016, which you can read for free! I continue to compose and analyse music as part of my on going professional development.

My music theory tuition is catered for each individual students’ needs. In our music theory lessons we will use the music you know, as well as some music you don’t, to provide a fun, rich and engaging approach to music theory tuition. That's right - music theory lessons can be fun!

I also use some very powerful pieces of music technology and software to help students visualise how music works on the computer screen! I have found that this novel and modern approach to music theory tuition really enlivens the topic and helps demystify some of the potentially difficult areas of music theory.

Guidonian hand
clarinet and notation
Piano and notation

Flexible Tuition

I offer music theory tuition in two formats:

• casual theory which is woven into each instrumental lesson, should you study an instrument with me

• the specific and dedicated study of music theory by itself

Many students study music theory as a single subject in order to complete a graded examination (ABRSM, Rockschool, and Trinity), but some students choose to study this for pleasure or to improve their understanding of music theory for composition.

Lessons online and by email!

If you like the sound of my approach but are unable to attend in person I do offer music theory lessons online through video chat and by email! This includes the study of harmony.

Access to a scanner is useful but not essential as I can create unique exercises which are tailored to your needs and send them to you via email.

Pricing for this service is flexible and based on the need of the student. One email usually provides a student with one week of work, similar to private lessons!

My ‘Theory by Email’ program starts at just £5 per email but is flexible to meet your needs, so do get in touch to discuss them with me.