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Rotherham Show's 40th anniversary celebration

Diversity Festival is happening this weekend as part of the Rotherham Show's 40th Anniversary celebrations!
There will be plenty of music, dance and arts as well as food and drink and lots of fun events for little and big kids to enjoy, so I hope to see you there!

Summer holidays!

Wentworth - Golden Field, 2019

Happy summer holidays to one and all! I do hope you've been enjoying the sunshine and getting out in it as much as you can while we have it to enjoy...keeping up with your music practise is just as important, though!

I'm really enjoying some downtime and the chance to get out into the countryside, but I've taken my recording gear with me to make the most of the time I have - creativity is all around!

I look forward to seeing how everyone has got on over the summer and hearing about your adventures in September!

Interview in Chase magazine

Last month I was interviewed about my creative and teaching practice by marketing and communications assistant for ROAR, Amy Forde.

I've had the pleasure of being interviewed for various things in the past, but this was rather more personal than I've been used to and Amy had a very natural manner and way of asking questions that I found really got me talking. I think Amy is clearly very skilled as she was able to create a succinct and sensible article from my disorganised and (perhaps) frenetic ramblings!

Many thanks, Amy for approaching me about this and for writing so many wonderful words.

You can read a PDF of the article or visit the Chase magazine website (pages 36-37).

First blog entry - Music Tuition

Welcome to my new blog! This is I will share insights and tips related to music education, as well as my experiences and various other bits and pieces.

Do check back for more soon!

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