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Congratulations - summer 2020 exam success!

Well done, everyone! 10 students sat 10 exams and 10 exams were passed: 1 Pass; 3 at Merit and 6 at Distinction including Grade 5 theory (ABRSM)! Congratulations everyone and keep up the hard work! Online video lessons are still going strong.

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Online tuition, amazing exam results, a new studio and the new academic year

Moving in - panormaic 2 after day 1
Finally, everything is in...but there's more work to do yet!

I hope everyone's been making the most of the summer break and taking the opportunity to get out and about before the schools and colleges return to a more usual timetable in September.

New studio

I have moved into the new studio and feel great about the space but there is more work to complete, such as more painting and general tidying. I'm looking forward to seeing you down there as soon as is safe to do so. 

Face-to-face tuition

After much effort and consideration I've decided to further postpone the return to face-to-face tuition until at least October half term. This will allow us to monitor how schools and colleges cope with the rigorous cleaning and social distancing measures, while bringing us closer to the winter weather which may have an undesired effect on the transmission of COVID-19. I have completed a full health and safety risk assessment which includes COVID-19 procedures and research into how the WHO suspect the virus is transmitted. This will be useful when reopening the studio at a later date. I understand this news may be disappointing to some of you but everyone's safety is my upmost priority and limiting the ways infection can spread is our social responsibility.

Please keep in mind that if I were to open for face-to-face tuition it would mean cutting down the number of students I could work with each week: I currently work with almost 40 students every week and there would need to be a lot of sanitising before/after each student, totalling over an hour each day. Besides teaching I have several other professional responsibilities I must manage. 

I look forward to online lessons recommencing from the 1st September but I'm also excited for getting back to face-to-face tuition and making full use the new studio space when it is safe and viable to do so.

And last but not least...congratulations!

Congratulations to everyone who submitted a video exam or sat a face-to-face exam! I'm pleased to report a continuing 100% pass rate so far, with a large number of high-merits achieved (74%-89%) and quite a number of distinctions (90% upwards)! Well done to everyone who gave their best and worked really hard to achieve those top marks.

Please stay safe and enjoy continuing to play great music!

Digital mark sheets from Rockschool!

Guitar Success

More developments with music tuition and music exams: Rockschool have announced a new approach - digital mark sheets!

In a nutshell, this means all candidates will receive a greater amount of detail on their performances and receive the results much more quickly. Receiving this level of feedback may help in refining your practise schedule, resulting in greater confidence and ability!
Accompanying this development are a new set of assessment criteria, which I have adopted in all lessons.

Check out the full information and assessment criteria on Rockschool's website

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New ukulele grades!

Exciting news: Rockschool have released today their new range of ukulele exams!

Rockschool are currently the only examination board to offer ukulele examinations from Debut to grade 8! Now Rockschool are offering video-based graded certificate exams, now is a great time to get started.

This is exciting stuff, so if you play and want to gain an accreditation in this wonderful instrument, go check them out. I offer ukulele tuition at all levels, so if you would some ukulele lessons, please do get in touch.

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Easter holidays!

Well done everybody for continuing music tuition with me, despite the changes we're all dealing with at the moment. I'm happy to report that it's been a great success and has actually turned out far better than I could have hoped! This is down to everyone overcoming any technological issues which appeared (of which there weren't many!) while adapting to the slight change in approach required by virtual lessons. Please be assured this is something I'm committed to improving as the public health situation continues.

If you're preparing for exams and entries have been made, don't worry as Rockschool have created 'graded certificates' which are video-based submissions! Please follow the link to find out more. All examiners are due to receive training on this (and more!) throughout April, so I'll update you as soon as I'm able.

I'm taking a short break from teaching so I can work on some aspects of online/offline tuition, receive training on the video examinations, as well as completing some other projects that need attention. However, as always, please do get in touch with me if there's anything.

Happy Easter, everybody!

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