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Merry Christmas, 2020!

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Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you're enjoying the Christmas holidays and enjoying playing some great music while you've got lots more free time.

Good news: Musical Mr Fox has again - for the third year in a row - been ranked in the Top Three Music Schools in Rotherham

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Summer updates

The summer term

I'm sure you'll agree it's been a rather unusual summer term. That being said, I'm very impressed with everybody who has continued to engage with their music education throughout lockdown and thank you to all for your continued support. I would also like to offer a welcome to new students who have started to learn with me over the passing weeks. Learning to play a musical instrument is possibly one of the most challenging yet rewarding skills we can develop at any stage in our lives so please keep up the hard work, everybody.

Taking music education online

I've been teaching face-to-face for over 18 years and until now I had not considered video tuition to be viable. It's meant making some adjustments for both you and I but the results of our efforts are clear to see.

As we move forward and September approaches I will:

• be taking a break from teaching for a few weeks in August and resuming fully on 1st September (Tuesday). I’ll only be teaching between 10th-14th August and then breaking until September

• continue lessons and support from September for all students willing to continue video-based lessons

• be working on protocols over my August break to start up face-to-face tuition at the studio as soon as possible

The new studio

I have some exciting news: I'm moving my studio...down the hall! I've been working with ROAR for over a year to secure a new studio space of similar size. Our new space is currently the ROAR office (to the right when you come up the stairs) but they are kindly moving their operations. I hope we can be in by September and will consider reopening for those wanting face-to-face lessons, but maintaining video lessons will likely remain the safest approach for a while longer yet.

Although I'll miss the view over Rotherham towards Greasborough, the new space should be better suited. Some bonuses include:

• having the waiting area right outside the studio door will make lesson transitions easier and quicker for us all

• parents/guardians can better hear the lesson content and progression of the student. I'm hoping this will assist with practise routines and student development away from the studio

• moving away from the drama studio means there will be far fewer distractions from the drama class, dance school or other activities and as it's a larger space I can look into sound-proofing

• I might consider trialling a doorbell at the top of the stairs. I can't make any promises but I hope this could cut down on waiting time

Exams with Rockschool

Although face-to-face exams were completely suspended, Rockschool were the first UK exam board to offer video-based examinations in lieu.

I've been working as a Music Examiner with Rockschool (a dream job!) since December and I absolutely love this work and how it keeps me sharp and up to date with modern music education practices. Many of you have bravely taken the opportunity to submit a video exam and we currently await the results - good luck to all!

Although this brought up unique challenges, you've all done very well. Face-to-face examinations are now taking place in the UK and Ireland.


It's likely we will see many more changes as the Autumn term progresses. I'm keeping my ear to the ground for any news from the government, Rockschool as well as the local schools and colleges. Once again, I ask kindly for your patience and understanding as I learn and work to maintain a strong and positive music education practice in this evolving environment.

Tuition in August 10th-14th only (online lessons as normal)

Full time tuition recommences from September 1st
(online lessons as normal, face-to-face TBC)

Please get in touch with me via email throughout August as mobile reception will be unreliable. You may not get a reply right away as I’m taking a break from working, but I will get back to you.

Enjoy the summer break and make the most of the time to be safe outdoors as well practising your music!

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John Matychuk

Erda Estremera

Easter holidays!

Well done everybody for continuing music tuition with me, despite the changes we're all dealing with at the moment. I'm happy to report that it's been a great success and has actually turned out far better than I could have hoped! This is down to everyone overcoming any technological issues which appeared (of which there weren't many!) while adapting to the slight change in approach required by virtual lessons. Please be assured this is something I'm committed to improving as the public health situation continues.

If you're preparing for exams and entries have been made, don't worry as Rockschool have created 'graded certificates' which are video-based submissions! Please follow the link to find out more. All examiners are due to receive training on this (and more!) throughout April, so I'll update you as soon as I'm able.

I'm taking a short break from teaching so I can work on some aspects of online/offline tuition, receive training on the video examinations, as well as completing some other projects that need attention. However, as always, please do get in touch with me if there's anything.

Happy Easter, everybody!

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Welcome back from February half term, 2020

Welcome back to you all after what I hope has been a long and restful half term break!

No doubt everyone has taken the opportunity to spend some extra time on their chosen instrument, as well as relaxing and enjoying some well-deserved down time! I look forward to hearing you play tonight and through the rest of this week.
See you all very soon!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Hello all,

I just wanted to send a quick message to wish every single one of my students a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday! I understand that some of you will be receiving new instruments, music or song books as well as other wonderful musical gifts today so I know you’ll be very busy enjoying them this holiday, which makes me very happy indeed!

Enjoy the festive season and don’t forget to take a very well-earned break to enjoy the time off from school, college, university or work!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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