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Congratulations - summer 2020 exam success!

Well done, everyone! 10 students sat 10 exams and 10 exams were passed: 1 Pass; 3 at Merit and 6 at Distinction including Grade 5 theory (ABRSM)! Congratulations everyone and keep up the hard work! Online video lessons are still going strong.

Photo by Jason Leung

New ukulele grades!

Exciting news: Rockschool have released today their new range of ukulele exams!

Rockschool are currently the only examination board to offer ukulele examinations from Debut to grade 8! Now Rockschool are offering video-based graded certificate exams, now is a great time to get started.

This is exciting stuff, so if you play and want to gain an accreditation in this wonderful instrument, go check them out. I offer ukulele tuition at all levels, so if you would some ukulele lessons, please do get in touch.

Image credits: Joints Creative

It's exam season!

Just a quick one to wish all the very best of luck to everyone taking their music exam this side of Christmas! You've all worked very hard this term and I know it will pay off.

To those of you preparing for a 2020 period A exam, please keep up the hard work - you'll get there soon!

ABRSM theory of music exams

"music" by Taki Steve is licensed under CC BY 2.0

A very quick update to say good luck and all the best to everyone taking their ABRSM graded theory of music exams this Saturday!

I’m sure you’ll all do really well after all the practice we’ve put in. However, don’t forget to keep your eye on the clock, take your time, remain calm, try to write neatly using a pencil and ruler and to not leave a question unanswered - final checks could make the difference between a Merit or a Distinction!

Staying cool through the summer exam period

Here we are, at last: the final term before the summer break!

For many, this is a time of examinations: GCSEs, A-Levels and, of course, music examinations! As we know, with examinations comes hard work and often stress.

I'm currently busy preparing my dedicated and hardworking students for their upcoming exams and wanted to share some advice from the professional examiners at RSL Awards.

This short video gives some excellent advice on performing under pressure and also shows us that it's okay to feel nervous before an exam. Not only that, the video also gives some fantastic advice about picking the piece back up and recovering following mistakes!

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